Brazilian Wax – How to stay calm

This is the 101 of calming those pre-Brazilian Wax jitters. We all handle anxiety and nervousness differently and I’ve met some terrified clients who arrive looking like they’ve just seen a ghost but leave the studio with a smile and a spring in their step. Although a lot of this is mind over matter, there are some things you can do to genuinely reduce the pain and the worry.

Read the blog on ‘Preparing for a wax’. It has some generalised tips but definitely helpful as the below is a little more on precise things you can do.

Before The Wax:

There are some basics you need to ensure first and foremost:

  • Ensure the hair is long enough (min. ¼ inch = eyelash length)
  • 7 – 14 days before your wax avoid taking medications that affect your skin sensitivity
  • 24 hours before avoid excessive heat & sweating
  • 12 hours before avoid avoid stimulants (caffeine, alcohol, drugs)
  • Exfoliate the area lightly the day before 

The 2 main factors people are concerned with before waxing, especially Brazilian waxing, are pain management and embarrassment…… 

Physical Tips

  • Take a painkiller before your wax.  (Check the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Wear loose clothing to your appointment
  • Book early in the day so you can get it done and out of the way
  • Use a numbing lotion (These usually need to be applied for up to an hour) – Plan and prepare accordingly. 
  • Let your waxer know how you are feeling and if it is your first wax. They are used to new clients with pre-wax jitters and should act accordingly. They should take extra steps to keep you reassured throughout the process and checking in with you during the service. 

Mental Tips

  • Don’t watch Brazilian waxing videos on Youtube. These are usually people who did not go to a reputable wax bar and are reporting their bad experiences
  • Don’t let it be on your mind. If worrying thoughts crop up, brush them away and stay distracted (Look into CBT techniques if you want some heavy bedtime reading!)
  • For a Brazilian wax do not allow yourself the extra worry of the thought of not having your underwear on. Firstly a well trained and professional wax technician will drape a towel across you accordingly and will only reveal as much is necessary. Secondly, this is their profession. They have done hundreds if not thousands of Brazilian waxes so they are not looking and judging. They are focusing on hair growth directions, how you are doing throughout the service and giving you the best results possible. 

During The Wax:

Physical Tips

  • Hold onto a stress ball
  • Take music to listen to 
  • Watch something on your phone. Keep one ear bud in, and one out. Your waxer will still need to check in with you and be able to talk to you if needed.
  • Chew gum. I’ll be honest, for some wax technician this is one of their pet peeves so perhaps don’t be chewing during a brow or face wax but if it helps keep you distracted by movement elsewhere, do it.
  • Chat to your waxer. They should be keeping you calm and reassured throughout
  • Ask your waxer to do a small area first so you can get used to the process (The warm wax application, the sensation of a few hairs being removed then the cooling after-lotion)
  • For a Brazilian wax ask your waxer to do your Bikini line first. Then if you feel ok with that ask do move onto a French Bikini wax. (At this point you will realize you were building everything up in your head so are happy to have a couple more strips to complete a Brazilian Wax.) A professional and sympathetic wax technician will be more than happy to accommodate this and shouldn’t be pushed for time and trying to get you out the door as soon as possible! 
  • If there’s complimentary candies at the wax bar… take one! You deserve it!

Mental Tips

  • Take slow deep breaths, avoid holding your breath
  • Avoid focusing your attention on what is happening

(Pain does not exist without your brain. The nerve endings send signals to the brain on what they are feeling. The more you ignore the sensations the easier it is to cope with)

All these tips seem as though you are about to go something extremely traumatic. Trust me, you are not. If you have your Brazilian wax done at a reputable studio with a trained and experienced wax technician you have nothing to worry about. After being in the industry for nearly 10 years, I have never met someone who could not complete their wax service. If millions of other women have done it, so can you! I wanted to provide as many hints and tips to help you feel as prepared as possible and less worried about the experience. But of course the only thing that will really reassure you is having it done yourself and realising it’s not that bad.

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