Hives After Waxing?

Is it normal to get hives after a wax? In a nutshell…yes. Although not very common, it can happen and is nothing to worry about. Now for some more science….! What do hives look like? Raised welts or bumps on the surface of the skin. The bumps can be paler than your natural skin colour, […]

What is the difference between hard wax and soft wax?

Brazilian wax

Just to clear things up to begin with… Soft wax  – aka – cream wax, warm wax, hot wax, strip wax  Hard wax – aka –  cold wax, peel off wax, stripless wax.  (The wax is applied warm but sets so it becomes ‘cold’ or ‘cooled.’) Ok so now onto what the difference is? This […]

Hair Growth Cycles

  Here’s a little hair science to keep you entertained but also informed! Having an understanding of the way hair grows in cycles will help you work out what cycles your hair is in and why and how to continue to get better waxing results. Every hair on your body has a growth cycle. It […]

Why am I getting breakouts after waxing?

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Once you’ve been waxed your skin is smooth and ready to be flaunted. The last thing you want is to replace the hair you had with breakouts. Below is a summary of some of the causes of breakouts and how to avoid them. The Wax Studio If you are having a wax by an experienced […]

How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

If you are prone to ingrown hairs its can feel like you constantly have them and nothing is working to get rid of them. The most common areas to get an ingrown hair is after an underarm, leg or Brazilian wax. I am going to breakdown the what, why and how of how to prevent […]

What to look for in a good Brazilian Wax in Burnaby

good Brazilian Wax in Burnaby,Brazilian waxing service burnaby, best waxing bar Burnaby

Good Brazilian Wax in Burnaby? Yes, you can get one! It can be a little too easy to search ‘Brazilian Wax’ in Google and assume all wax bars are the same. After all, they all say they are ‘the best!’ Taking a little more time to research the studio before you visit can save you […]

Brazilian Wax Aftercare 101

It can be too easy to leave your Brazilian wax appointment feeling smooth, confident and with a bounce in your step without another thought until 4-6 weeks later when it’s time to wax again. But the Brazilian wax aftercare can just as much effect the overall results as what happens in your waxing appointment. Avoid […]

Brazilian Wax – How to stay calm

This is the 101 of calming those pre-Brazilian Wax jitters. We all handle anxiety and nervousness differently and I’ve met some terrified clients who arrive looking like they’ve just seen a ghost but leave the studio with a smile and a spring in their step. Although a lot of this is mind over matter, there […]

Long Term Results Of Waxing

Believe it or not, there’s some science to waxing, it’s not all grip, rip and go! For those wax veterans out there you will have already seen the long term results of waxing. For newbies this information may come as a surprise…. Every time you take the hair out of it’s follicle, the hair grows […]

Preparing For a Wax

preparing for waxing, how to prepare for waxing, best wax studio Vancouver

Here is probably the most comprehensive guide to some tips to be aware of before your first Brazilian wax. For all the wax veterans out there, it’s sometimes good to have a reminder. We get so used to running into the studio for a ‘lunch break Brazilian’ without a thought of the before or aftercare. […]