What to look for in a good Brazilian Wax in Burnaby

Good Brazilian Wax in Burnaby? Yes, you can get one! It can be a little too easy to search ‘Brazilian Wax’ in Google and assume all wax bars are the same.

After all, they all say they are ‘the best!’

Taking a little more time to research the studio before you visit can save you time, money and a lot of pain.

Here are some tips to research a good Brazilian Wax in Burnaby and what to notice at your Brazilian wax appointment.

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Good Brazilian Wax in Burnaby – Check out the online reviews

For the most part, Google reviews are honest reviews from customers but it is worth filtering the reviews to show the lowest first.

The details of the low reviews can give you an idea of which technician to not request or certain points to be aware of. Some low reviews are from clients who are seeking an outlet to a situation they were not happy with.

For example they were late, missed their entire appointment and could not be rescheduled on the same day. Use your common sense and you can pick out the bad reviews that you really do need to pay attention to. And of course, check out some 5 star reviews too, this may give you tips on who to request and a little bit more on what to expect at your Brazilian wax appointment.

Check out their website and social media

A professional looking online presence means they take it seriously and want to portray what they are offering. Images of inside the studio will also give you an idea of the cleanliness and hygiene levels of the room. 

Make contact!

Even if you prefer to book your appointment online, send them an email, DM or a question on their website. Even if it’s a quick, ‘What’s the parking availability near the store?’ A timely, professional response will show they are actively managing all streams of contact and care about their customer service.

In some cases, some studios have a glistening online presence but don’t quite meet them standards when you visit them in person. By checking the above points you eliminate this greatly. Referrals from friends are usually the most reliable source, they’ve been there and experienced a Brazilian wax first hand themselves.

What to look for during the appointment

What To Look For During The Appointment…

Your Greeting

Are you met with a friendly greeting, a smile? Or left wondering if you should sit, stand or just leave? There should be someone to greet you and if it’s not your technician when they do arrive they should fill you with confidence and put you at ease immediately. I understand some people are introverts and may not dance towards you with enthusiasm but they should still come across as friendly and professional. We think the greeting is an important part of finding a good Brazilian Wax in Burnaby.

Clear Directions

If you are new you should ALWAYS be asked to complete a consultation form and if you marked that you had allergies or something out of the ordinary if your technician actually looked at your form they should ask you a follow up question. Example, ‘So I saw you marked on here that you have allergies, can you tell me more about them.’ etc.

They should provide you with clear details on how to prepare for the service (e.g. What clothing to remove and where to place a towel if required) and ensure you understand and have no questions before they leave you to get ready. If you are a Brazilian waxing veteran and have become better acquainted with your technician she knows you already know how to get ready!

Hygiene & Cleanliness

First impressions really do count. If you don’t get that ‘clinical level of cleanliness’ feeling when you walk in it’s probably not as squeaky clean as you’d like. Check out the waxing station, does it look clean and tidy? Check out the area you will be laying on. Does that towel look fresh and clean? Are you laid on freshly laid disposable paper? Is the floor dirty or sticky? This is paramount, especially if you are having a Brazilian wax. 

At Naked Cactus Wax Bar, we are Beauty Safe Certified. This is a  certification program promoting protocols of infection control, safe cleaning, sterilisation and chemical practices. Relative to continually surfacing viral and bacterial strains and the Cosmetology Industry’s ongoing need for information and awareness about the best practices and their legal responsibilities when providing personal services to protect themselves and their clients. BeautySafe ensures technicians are certified and maintain these high standards. 

During The Service…

>Ensure your technician is wearing disposable gloves

>Ensure there is no double dipping. If that stick has touched you the next place it should go is straight into the garbage

>If tweezers are used, where are they coming from? A sealed sterilized pouch or just rolling around in the bottom of a draw?

>What order are your services been completed in? E.g. A brow wax should be done on you before a Brazilian wax. (Unless the waxer is changing their gloves between your services)

>Can you see bottles of anti-bacterial spray? Isopropyl alcohol? Barbicide etc? Are they easily accessible? This hints at regular cleaning protocols. 

These points are mainly in regards to hygiene but some other factors to look for are the following:

>Service duration. For a Brazilian Wax you should not be in the room any longer than 20 minutes. (Unless you are asking to take a 5 minutes break between each strip!)

>If it is your first Brazilian wax, your technician should be telling you what they are doing. For example, checking the temperature of the wax with you and ensuring you are comfortable and reassured throughout the service. 

>And finally your technician should just look like they know what they are doing. Pausing, fumbling around, searching in draws for items they need during the service shows they are unprepared, inexperienced and not confident in the service they are doing. This is more of a ‘vibes’ thing. You can pick up on it pretty quickly if they look professional and ready or scrambling to find supplies.

>Aftercare! If you’ve had many waxes with the same technician they may just give you a quick reminder to exfoliate a few days after your wax. If you are new (even if you have had a Brazilian wax at other salons) they should give you a thorough breakdown of the aftercare to follow and ideally give you some sort of literature to send you away with as a reminder of the points they covered with you. 

>Ask your technician some questions you may have. For example, ‘What causes ingrown hairs.’ They should have a professional, concise answer and should sound like they know what they are talking about!

After The Service…

Everyone’s skin can react differently to waxing especially Brazilian waxing and if it was your first time. The worst reactions can include redness, slight tenderness, very small blood spots, mild itching or hives. These reactions are nothing to be concerned about especially if it’s your first wax, you have sensitive skin or have thick coarse hair. What you should not experience are burns, torn skin, bruising, extreme pain or excessive stickiness on the skin. These are signs that the wax was too hot, the method of removal was done incorrectly and the technician was not experienced. 

Never feel shy to ask your wax technician to stop waxing in the middle of the service. If you feel uncomfortable asking them to stop because you don’t trust their hygiene or skills etc, just say, ‘This is too painful and I don’t think I want to continue the service.’ It may feel awkward at the time but it is not worth having the side effects of a bad wax.

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