Hair Growth Cycles


Here’s a little hair science to keep you entertained but also informed! Having an understanding of the way hair grows in cycles will help you work out what cycles your hair is in and why and how to continue to get better waxing results.

Every hair on your body has a growth cycle. It grows and sheds and grows again. You probably notice this more with the hair on your head (I’m sure your hair brush has a few hairs in). Or when you rub your eyes maybe an eyelash falls out (but not all of them at the same time).


New hair grows from the root.

Blood supply gives the hair nutrients to grow.


The hair follicle shrinks & the hair detaches from the root. No blood supply = no further growth.


Hair follicle is in the resting stage until a new hair follicle begins to develop.

And back to….


Old hair is shed and the new hair growths through the surface of the skin

Every hair is in a different stage of the growth cycle (if they were all in the same cycle you would be bald for a week during the catagen phase….!)

How this works with waxing

The results of everyone’s first wax can vary greatly. You may get every hair come out like a dream on your first wax. Or there may be some short ones left. Having some short ones left after your first few waxes is completely normal.  Depending on the phase each hair was in will depend on the result. Below is a breakdown of what would happen in a wax with a hair in each cycle….

Growth Cycles waxing


(New hair growing from the root with an attached blood supply)

This is the ideal hair to wax, it is connected to the blood supply so it is actively growing. It is in this phase for 4-6 which is why this is the ideal duration between your waxes. It will also mean it will be gone for the longest time giving you the smoothest result for longer.


(The hair follicle shrinks & the hair detaches from the root/blood supply) 

Although these hairs will come out of their root fairly easily they will not be gone for as long as the anagen hairs. They were already getting ready to shed soon. You may find these are the hairs that ‘grow back early’ after your first few waxes.


(Hair follicle is in the resting stage until a new hair follicle begins to develop)

These hairs are not even through the surface of the skin to wax. These are also hairs that may appear to ‘grow back early.’ 

So what should I do?

This is why it is so important not to shave or tweeze between your waxes. Especially between your first few waxes. The aim is to get all the hairs in the same growth cycle so you get super smooth results that last for as long as possible. For some clients this is after their first wax, for others it can take a few consecutive waxes.

Finding the best Brazilian wax bar near you will ensure your wax tech is aware of this and can educate you on the information. They can work with you to work out your ideal wax cycle and how many weeks to wait between each wax. This will ensure you get all the hairs on the same growth cycle as soon as possible. 

Please be aware that shaving or trimming the hair between your waxes disrupts the growth cycle and when you return for your next wax you may be at that start of your journey of getting the hairs to line up in the same growth cycle again…

On the other hand, although hair can never be too long to wax, if you are a regular waxer keeping a schedule is ideal. After 4-6 weeks some hairs will start moving into the next phase of growth cycle. Meaning some hairs may start naturally shedding resulting in disrupting all the hairs from staying in the same growth cycle.

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