Preparing For a Wax

Here is probably the most comprehensive guide to some tips to be aware of before your first Brazilian wax.

For all the wax veterans out there, it’s sometimes good to have a reminder. We get so used to running into the studio for a ‘lunch break Brazilian’ without a thought of the before or aftercare.

1. Make sure the hair is long enough

I cannot stress this enough. If you are having your first Brazilian wax, most likely you’ve been shaving so are used to having very little hair growth. Letting your hair grow for more than 3 days seems baffling let alone 3 weeks! But trust me it is worth it. Not only will you get a better initial result it will last longer. If you’re spending the money on getting a wax you want the best results. The more you continue to wax the ‘growing out’ period is a lot easier due to less hair. (See blog post on ‘Long Term Results’). Your waxer wants to ensure you leave with the best result possible. The longer the hair, the more hair that gets removed with the wax, the less tweezing and uncomfortable for you.

Happy client = happy waxer. Ideally the hair wants to be at least a quarter of an inch, longer than a grain of rice and around eyelash length!

2.  Hair can never be too long

Unfortunately I have heard clients tell me they have had experiences where waxers turn them away for having hair that is ‘too long’. Or the waxer start chopping away at the hair before the service. Let me set the record straight. Your waxer should not be trimming the hair before a Brazilian wax and neither should you. Trimming the hair blunts the ends which makes it hard for the wax to ‘grab’ onto the hair. Trimming can also encourage hair growth. (Ever recall your hairdresser advising you to get a regular trim to encourage hair your hair to grow…?)

Whether it’s been 3 weeks or 3 years, a professionally trained and experienced waxer can provide your waxing service regardless how long you have left the hair to grow. Weed whackers not required.

3.  Lightly exfoliate the skin 24 hours before you wax

Buffing off dead skin cells allows the wax to adhere to the hair instead of layers of dead skin cells which in turn gives you better results. You can do this in the shower using a body scrub or an exfoliating glove/cloth.

4. Avoid excessive heat and sweating 24 hours before your wax

This includes, but not limited to, sauna, steam room, gym, hot yoga, swimming pools, indoor or outdoor tanning. The wax applied to your skin is already warm, if your skin is already hot and clammy this can result in the skin lifting. Imagine having a sunburn and then having a hot shower… Although this is an extreme example heat on already heated skin is a recipe for some unhappy follicles and potentially a burn. Heat also increases blood flow which in turn can heighten nerve endings resulting in a wax being more uncomfortable than it should.

Take this as the perfect excuse to skip the gym 😉

5.  Avoid stimulant at least 8 hours before your wax

For most of us this is in regards to caffeine. As a stimulant we all imagine coffee flooding round the nerve endings in our brain waking us up. But in fact it wakes up the nerve endings in your whole body. Yep, you guessed it, those heightened nerve endings are going to feel everything a lot more, including your wax…

6. Take a pain killer before your wax

Taking a pain killer before your wax (see instructions for how long the effects take to work) to numb the nerve endings a little. This is not going to make your brazilian wax completely pain free but it will definitely take the edge off. Also be sure to check you are taking pain killers and not anti inflammatories. We are preparing to reduce the pain, not reduce inflammation that hasn’t happened. For the most part people don’t like taking too many pills but if you really want something for after your wax too, that would be the time to take an anti-inflammatory. Very few clients need to take any over the counter pain relievers. If your waxer is experienced and good at what they do the uncomfort shouldn’t be bad enough to warrant needing pain meds.

Try a wax with a pain killer, try a wax without and you can personally decide if it works for you.

7. You can wax on your period

During that time of the month we can all be a little more sensitive; mentally and emotionally but also physically.

Waxing just before or during your period can be a little more sensitive than normal although some clients notice no difference. As long as you wear a fresh tampon or a menstrual cup your waxer will have no problems with waxing you. (it’s a natural part of being a woman and guess what, she gets them too….) If you want to avoid getting waxed on your period. The best time would be a day or 2 after you have stopped bleeding then say hello to a month of smoothness. Then as the hair is getting to ‘waxable’ length it will be your period again and then as soon as it’s done you are ready for your wax…like clockwork 😉 This is the most ideal schedule to get onto if you want to wax regularly, especially for bikini / brazilian.

8. Stay calm

This is easier said than done, especially on your first brazilian wax appointment. At the end of the day whether you walk into your wax appointment in a goddess like fashion without a care in the world or you have sleepless nights until the appointment day, the experience will be the same. In fact mind over matter definitely plays a huge role here. By building the appointment up in your head to be this awful experience you keep questioning why you are putting yourself through it can make the experience a lot worse. During your wax take slow, calm deep breaths and keep mentally distracted (a good waxer will keep you talking, distracted but reassured throughout the process). If it helps take headphones to listen to music or take the opportunity to rant to your waxer about how your crazy neighbour keeps parking in your spot.

Every wax appointment gets easier. Quicker, less painful, more comfortable with your waxer, aware and at ease with the process.

Some day, you may start to (dare I say it…>) look forward to your waxing appointments! We look forward to serving you soon.

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