Long Term Results Of Waxing

Believe it or not, there’s some science to waxing, it’s not all grip, rip and go! For those wax veterans out there you will have already seen the long term results of waxing. For newbies this information may come as a surprise….

Every time you take the hair out of it’s follicle, the hair grows back less.

You may have seen or experienced this with over-tweezed eyebrows where hairs no longer grow in certain areas. The same runs true for other areas of the body. 

The Science Of Results…

Every hair follicle has a blood supply which supplies the hair with nutrients to grow. Every time you remove the hair from its follicle you weaken its connection to the blood supply. Less nutrients from the blood supply means less nutrients for the hair to grow. 

This is when you will really start to see the long term results of waxing.

After just one wax you will notice the hairs grow back thinner, finer and softer. With each consecutive wax you will continue to notice these progressive results. Some hair follicles will completely detach from the blood supply. This means there are no nutrients to grow the hair at all. This is when you will start to notice sparser hair growth. This happens at different rates for everybody. It is also dependent on hair removal methods you have used in the past.

For example, I had a young teenager visit me in the studio for her first leg wax. She had never shaved her legs and her Mom wanted to ensure she didn’t start shaving. Her hairs came out perfectly with minimal discomfort and I didn’t see her again for 6 months! As she had never shaved she had not done anything to the hairs to make them thicker or stronger. She told me it took months before she started to see any hairs even start to grow back. 

Waxing Results

If you have been shaving for many years you will still see an immediate difference after your first wax. Especially in the texture of the hairs when they regrow. You may not be hair free for 6 months but you are definitely on track to reducing the speed and thickness. Then you can get excited when you start seeing the long term results of waxing!

In order to maintain and continue to build on these results it is important not to do anything to the hair between waxes. Shaving and trimming the hair both ‘cut’ the hair shaft which will make the hair thicker and stronger. I have had Brazilian wax veterans visit my studio after having waxes elsewhere to advise me that over the past 4 years of waxing they have not seen any reduction in hair growth. When I ask if they have been shaving or even trimming in between their waxes it is usually always a resounding YES. 

Waxing is definitely a self care investment. In the short term you are hair free for longer compared to shaving and in the long term you will have less and less hair unlike shaving which will only stimulate the growth further. Some people cannot afford laser hair removal or their skin cannot have the service done which makes waxing the perfect middle ground. 

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